ISSUES with recently delivered Q3 S-Line quattro


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Just taken delivery of a new Glacier White 177 BHP S-Tronic quattro.
a week old and been back to the dealers already, issues with heavy vibration through steering, apparently this is the second car this dealership has had with the same issues.

The fix!

Inflate the front tyres 2-3 PSI more than normal, drive the car until the tyres are at normal temperature, drive back to the dealership and remove the wheels and balance whilst hot and replace.
Honest this was an audi bulletin!

anyway it appeared to work, but the next day, the vibration was still apparent between 70-80 MPH which is where most of us spend most of our driving, so very annoying.
I have the 19 inch off road alloys fitted, so does the other car with the same issues, interesting to see what Audi will try next, maybe driving below 70 MPH will work, but not for me i am afraid.