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Facelift Issues playing music via Bluetooth

Naps Aug 30, 2017

  1. Naps

    Naps Registered User

    Hello all :)

    This issue has all of a sudden appeared and not really sure why, when I first picked up the car it had no issues at all.

    My phone connects automatically to my MMI for phonebook, media etc like everyone else's does, when looking in connection manager it will even state that my phone is connected for Bluetooth media playing. However once all the MMI functions have loaded ill press the shortcut button to the media and it will state that it's still looking for the Bluetooth device (despite the fact it's connected and I could use the phone for calling etc). I currently have a work around for this, if I disconnect my phone from the BT media and then reconnect it to the MMI, it will then play music.

    Anyone have any suggestion that I can try or has anyone had a similar issue?

    The car is an S3 FL and the phone is a Sony Xperia Z5 premium. I'm trying to avoid doing a factory reset on the system but it's looking more and more likely that may be the path to go down.
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  3. Mark_86

    Mark_86 Registered User

    Not heard of this one before. Maybe need to update the software on your phone?

    I did, however discover today how to skip tracks when using BT without using the controls on the steering wheel. The ON/OFF button is also a toggle! Who knew! lol
  4. TYb

    TYb Registered User

    It's a fiddly one that one, I discovered by accident, the symbols are a giveaway I guess though.
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  5. Naps

    Naps Registered User

    Unfortunately not, it may just be a phone issue but it's hard to know. I was just curious if anyone else had any BT music problems.
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