Issue after trackday - engine light

Miguel Freitas

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Hi guys,

Maybe this issue already happened to someone with gen3 TFSI in my case Audi S1

I have errors P2088, P2090 and P0445 but nothing different with my car... no noise, no power loss!!

When I erase them after I start the engine again I have same error :S

Image attached

Any help is appreciated


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Miguel Freitas

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I have further news on this topic!

the fuse F20 was not ok... replaced and the error is gone!

Tried the car for a few KM and the same problem happened again... now I am sure something it is something electrical.

Tomorrow I will check and keep you guys posted.


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Check the wiring around the EVAP valve

Miguel Freitas

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Finally the problem is solved!

It was the wiring that controls the exhaust electronic flap that melted and was shorted.

You can see the pictures attached.

Thanks for support!


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Winter is coming...
Good find - thanks for the update