is this worth a punt ?


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I'm sorry but from looking at the pics I'd stay well clear. If it is really a 1 owner motor, I would not say the car is NOT in excellent condition, and hasn't been looked after well at all..... it looks rather warn and over used to me
it is looking Very second hand, and by the look of the glue inside the windscreen fresh from an auction.

bug stuff is very cheap at auctions, you may be better off going to one direct

if you buy this you will have a lot of work getting it back to nice condition!


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A whole load of work & a whole load of money to get it into anything like nice condition. The seller does seem to have been fairly honest in their description but that doesn't alter the fact that its a pile of sh*te (IMO). I sometimes wonder if a seller is candid about the minor faults they are trying to trick you into believing they are honest, whereas they have 'forgotten' to mention the major fault(s)


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when i first looked at this it had 78,000 now it seems to have gained 50k from somewhere