Is this possible? DSG quattro tdi conversion


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Dec 14, 2014
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Hello fellas

I have a running and driving 170 BMN 2.0 tdi DSG sportback 5 door car that I am breaking

A friend of mine bumped his high spec'd A3 and the Insurance have offered it to him at a low rate. His is a 2.0 tdi 170 BMN MANUAL QUATTRO 5 door sportback

Now here's the question(s)

Is it possible to put all the Engine, Gearbox etc etc from the DSG into the Manual Quattro one and for it to be fully functional with the quattro system, as well as paddle shift etc to work?

What else would I need to change?

Would it be easier to put the quattro system into a DSG model instead?


Please don't ask me Why or have a discussion as to why I want to do this (His engine is no good and It's obvious that I am getting the car cheap)

Anything is possible, going to be a major build though. Fine if you have the space and time as you'll also need to change over the relevant looms and Ecus. I' ve rebuilt older simple classic cars but even I wouldn't attempt what you want to do.
I would just be aware that they never offered a quatro DSG diesel which always struck me as odd so there must be a reason ??
well obviously, you can stick jet engine on the roof if you must but is for example the floor pan the same on a quattro and FWD ? thats what the guy is really after.
I gave him the answer. He needs to attach the transfer case to the dsg and the rest will bolt on .
Minor wiring into the ecu using wiring diagrams of both cars ..easy.

It is more difficult if you want to male the seat leon 4x4 for example. Its 100% possible but there is some cutting involved.
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@macradiators , I do hope you're still active I'm considering converting my low mileage DSG 8P A3 to Quattro. So of course I've been trawling the forums looking for precedents and testimonials :3

Is it literally just a case of bolting the transfer case onto the DSG gearbox casing, then bolting the quattro parts onto the rear end ?

I'd love to know more about how it all fits together :) we all know they didn't do a TDI quattro DSG, but I'm strangely attracted to the idea of my 140bhp 8P DSG A3 SE becoming a 250bhp quattro TDI DSG ^^

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