Is there something wrong with this tyre setup?


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Car: 2015 Audi A6 Allroad 272hp
Rims: 8.5j x 19 ET25 (AEZ Straight Dark)
Tyres: 255/45/19R 104Y (Vredestein Quatrac Pro)

It has the same total diameter (28") as my current stock 20" rims with 255/40R20 Pilot Sport 4s, I wanna downsize in rims as 1) there are no UHP All Seasons available in 255/40R20 here in Europe (Vredestein had them but they're currently out of stock), 2) less unsprung weight and softer rides, better offroading and air suspension longevity. I'm just wondering if the ET of 25, which is unusual (I think my current tyres have ET45) would cause any problems. It would however make it look more aggressive with the wheels sticking out a little bit more. Also do you guys think 255 is too wide for a 8.5j? I've always been on 255's and I think my current stock rims are also 8.5J, albeit they're an inch taller at 20". I'm going for summery all seasons because I can't be ***** to do the summer to winter switch while I'm living in the UK and Belgium and barely have snow on the roads.


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I run 255/45/19 Michelin Pilot Sports on my 2016 Allroad during summer, they are on Allroad OE 8.5j 19" rims ( 4G9 601 025 H ) - not 100% sure on offset but think it's 43mm. Pretty sure it's one of the "approved" wheel/tyre size combos and listed on the tyre pressure label or manual.

In terms of rolling diameter etc should all be fine I think BUT the offset of 25mm would have the same effect as me fitting 18mm spacers behind mine, personally I think that might look a bit too much ?