Is my rear bumper not right?


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Maybe its all in my head as the rest of the bumper on the drivers side looks fine but the gap under the light just looks a little bigger to me?

Then the other side looks like this

Does it look like its dropped or am I imagining things? Doesn't feel loose at all and on the side of the bumper there's no gaps


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I think it may be the light has not been aligned correctly, one side on mine has a slightly larger gap than the other.


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Good thinking Batman. Ill have another look at it


Mine is the exact same! Drives me crazy....I tried refitted the lights but it doesnt make a difference


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Same thing on mine, had a look, seems to be an issue with the bumper not being attached to the body properly. Would love to get it sorted if anyone has a fix.

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Mines perfectly level :yes:


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loosen bumper bolts and push up like mad before tightening or same with the light whilst hanging off it!


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Yup mine is perfectly level too.

Even if it wasn't, it wouldnt bother me that much.


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Mine was fine until I had to change a light bulb. When refitted I now have the same problem. It's something with the alignment of the light. Tried several times but at the end gave up.