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Is my car a rare one off??

Olympus593 Aug 18, 2018

  1. Olympus593

    Olympus593 Registered User

    Hi all
    I have owned for the last four years a black Audi A4 B7 3.0 TDI (233) Avant tiptronic.. now I know that in its self isn’t rare but thing is it’s on a 09 plate which I have never seen before on a B7 and it never had a DPF from factory but just two cats.. I know they started the B8 on I think 57 plates.. it definitely never had a DPF from factory as about 3 years ago Audi replaced the entire tiptronic gearbox totally for free (£5500) as a good will gesture. At the time it was under 80k miles and full Audi service history.. they said that was the reason for the free gearbox but even they were a bit baffled at the reg and said if the car had been tampered with in anyway I.e remap, de-DPF etc they would have charged me for the gearbox.. another odd thing is that it has a 2.0 tdi badge on the back.. but trust me she’s a 3.0 tdi..
    Last week I changed the crank pulley, auxiliary belt and air con compressor and thinking of parting with her now..

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  3. b6ben

    b6ben Registered User

    I’ve got the same car with the same exhaust setup but a 56 reg, must of been old stock that was registered late.

    Our cars had a option to add a dpf when they were built.

    I’m guessing somebody didn’t know what engine it had and just stuck the badge on, or wants it to look like a sleeper haha!

    My only question is, why have you not changed the badge?

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  4. Olympus593

    Olympus593 Registered User

    hi b6ben
    Oh the exhausts I put those on along with a turbo down pipe..it came to me with the common down swept pipes.. as for the badge well I don’t know really just left it on..does confuse some drivers of 3.0s.. as for the DPF I’m glad it never had one.. my old A4 170 had one and just caused probs..
  5. MartinHudson6

    MartinHudson6 Registered User

    Not think its maybe had a second hand tailgate fitted at some point. Id like to think no ones stupid enough to have wrong badge on car from factory
  6. Toblahoe

    Toblahoe Registered User

    Sounds odd, when you reg check, it comes up as a 3.0tdi registered in 2009, but that's definitely a B7, nice one off car!
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  7. Sturat

    Sturat Registered User

  8. Darren92

    Darren92 Registered User

    Vehicle for the UK market, as you can see built March 2008 as a MY08 model. Must've just been sitting in a storage yard until it was eventually registered

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