is my a4 quattro haldex or torsen?


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hi ive been looking round trying to find info on my 2002 A4 B6 1.9TDI quattro. i thought all quattros were the haldex system but now i find theres a torsen system too, but I can't find which version mine is.

can anyone tell me haldex or torsen?

i also thought it was a permanent 4wd but im reading some are 2wd with the 4wd kicking in when needed.


sorry, very confused newbie!


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As far as I know the only Haldex Quattros are A3s and S3s (some early TTs?), the rest (á la A4) are torsen permanent 4WD.

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hi ive been looking round trying to find info on my 2002 A4 B6 1.9TDI quattro.

The B6 1.9TDI is definitely fixed 4 wheel drive quattro system. Other VAG cars such as the Golf 4Motion and Passat 4Motion are haldex part-time 4WD. Under normal conditions 90% power goes to front, 10% rear. Loss of grip/slippage needs to occur for onboard computer to divert power, etc.


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Haldex is for girls real men drive Torsen.......

Here is another question do we know what Torsen stands for?? Answer scroll down

Torque Sense it's an abbreviation


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Ha! Learn sommat everyday, I thought it had been invented by a Scandinavian :)


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Oddly enough Haldex is a Swedish company! If you are ever at a loose end the late great Phil Payne (rip) back a long time ago had a great discussion on a forum that pre dates this one, google search his name and spider bite for an evening reading, this dates back to the late 90's it's all about Torsen Haldex wasn't even born then.


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I checked mine was quattro by waiting for it to snow, setting off to work and still arriving both alive and on time.


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I am currently in the market for a 2.5 quatto, going see 1 tonight that he says is Haldex 4wd, not torsen,can this be right ??
No, he's talking out of somewhere that the sun doesn't shine - the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7 and R8 quattros are all Torsen.

AFAIK only the A3 based models are Haldex (i.e. A3/S3/RS3, TT, Q3).


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Just got back from seeing it. Felt bad really telling him the car he had owned for 7 years was not a quattro and esp button does not turn it on or off lol. Shame really as it was very nice. Full s4 kit with twin pipes. Fsh. But also felt gutless


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Some knob had obviously just stuck a quattro badge on it :laughing::laughing:
Also why do some people get hold of a 2.0tdi and then do an RS4 "conversion" I've even seen complete wide arch ones on Ebay ffs and then you get the inside shots and its some se interior with a white headlining haha I really have to curb my enthusiasm and not hit the send message button :flushed::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:


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Haldex clutch pack system is only used on transverse mounts in the VAG line up? Longitudinal is all torsen afaik.