Is it worth selling?

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Sep 30, 2004
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Hi all,

Ive owned my silver pre facelift S3 8L for 3 years or so and its covered 131,000

I'm only the third owner with the car being looked after by an Essex Audi dealership all its life. A mechanic bought it off the original owner and rebuild the engine and suspension and the car has a full file of over £14k in maintenance and receipts. It's never missed a service and anything has been replaced as and when it's needed.

The car is now looked after by an independent Audi specialist in my home town and I've kept up the maintenance and servicing.

I treated it to a remap at R tech when it got 256bhp and 260ft/lbs and that's with no modifications so it's a very healthy car.

It's has everything such as Bose and the sunroof and I've replaced such things as the cambelt and water pump, the window regulators, the xenon lights and firing units to name a few.

The body work looks brill until you get closer and ideally the rear and front bumper and bonnet now need a respray along with the alloys needing refurbishment but with it being silver it hides it so well.

Due to an injury at work I now need an automatic so I'm realistically looking for what you guys what value such a car now at, I really think it would go on and on with all the servicing and replace,rant parts it's has and the history including every receipt ever spent on the car really adds some peace of mind.

It's has a private S3 plate which I'd leave on the car....

It's just been serviced and will have a full MOT but would £2000 be selling it short?
Ooh, a what's it worth post! :eek:

These are not allowed on the forum I'm afraid, so I'm going to have to lock it!

Honest opinion, it's a £2k car if you are lucky. Silver is very common, it's a pre facelift and 120k+ miles seems to be the norm for these to come up for sale. The £14k+ folder will help it sell quicker, I doubt it's going to boost the price of it by much, not @131k miles anyways...
I suppose the best way to find out is to put it up for sale on gumtree, as it's free, with plenty of photos, see how much interest you get.
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