is it worth it?


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Oct 25, 2009
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what do you think to this Remapped ECU VW Audi Seat Skoda 1.9 TDi EDC15P+ Plug and Play! All Models!! | eBay

remaped ecu with immobiliser disabled so its plug and play but supplies the code so you can code the immobiliser and re enable it if you have vcds!

These will just be a generic remap obviously

there is a thread on how to remap with cables off ebay and blacksmoke remaps but this could be a cheaper option!
Cost me the same for my cable (£25) and blacksmoke map (£45), all loaded in less than 10 mins and no messing with immobiliser. And I can go back to stock/upgrade at any time (and do an egr delete when I get around to it). Why mess about getting the ecu out and funk about with the immobiliser?
It would be cheaper for me as they are in hull so I could pick it up

its more that they provide the code for immobiliser which if you have one key like me it will allow me to add a spare without going to the stealer!

I see your point in not messing though and I have lived with one key since I got the car
Andrew from blacksmoke used to offer this service as I bought one from him for a mk4 golf, I would imagine it would be a similar map on it with the immobiliser defeated, all depends on whether your bothered about the immobiliser or not
Sorry to hijack this thread but I was just about to post up on what people thought about the black smoke maps as im wanting one.
There is a great thread already on blacksmoke and as far as I can see people are happy with them
I can highly recommend the Blacksmoke remap. I had one put on mine 500 miles ago and it's completely transformed the car. Rather than the power coming in all in one big lump, it builds progressively all the way to the red line and there is so much more of it too. Unfortunately I'm finding that I quickly run out of road when I open it up which is frustrating! But I reckon this has knocked a second off the 0-60 and increased the top speed by another 10mph at least. I use to have a Corrado VR6 and I think this would give it a good run for the money :D

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