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Jun 6, 2011
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Evening all i have a 3.0 quattsport avant and am thinking about getting remap and milltek i know it will be a lot of money but want it to look and sound a bit more how i think it should as the tail pipes look a bit lost in the rear valance! any advice appreciated, sorry if this has been asked a million times over
Your not going to gain much in the way of power to be honest maybe 12%. Went to a RR day with the SEAT boys, and an R32 golf with full Miltek system, only made factory figures, nothing wrong with the car, just not that much scope for power increase.
The Milltek will improve the sound no end, but offer minimal if any performance gains. Save the money on a remap for an RS4 arb, Aero wipers etc.
whats the aero wiper thing?(excuse my ignorance)Have heard bout the arb, i take it you would recommend it and would it be easier whilst exhaust being changed?
Aero wipers are smoother, better looking arms and blades as fitted to B7's, they look better and are more efficient. £80 for new arms and blades, have a search there's 'loads'. Might as well get the arb done while it's in the garage - if it's just the small tail pipes that worry you there's always the option to just weld bigger tips on.
will hav a look at those but got to have new crank sensor tomorrow so may have to wait but with the exhaust have to admit its the sound as well as the look!

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