is it worth it?


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Hi Guys,

Just want a quick opinion.... i have been offered some18" RS6 alloys with tyres on them for £300 but 1 of the alloys has a small dent in them. I was thinking of getting them refurbed anyway as they are curbed and wanted to change the colour on them but I am just thinking is it worth getting them due to the dent?

I have been wanting some 18's for a while now and really want something like these...


whats your thoughts??


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no offence matey but i'm not a fan of those alloys you've put up.

if the RS6s are OEM then yes it's worth it - just. even if the dented one can't be repaired single wheels can be picked up from eBay for around £100 so you'd have spent £400 with tyres and then around £200 for a decent refurb so £600 which is about what they go for if they're in mint condition.

that said, i'm sure you could find a nicer set of wheels for £600. the RS6s are nice, but they're old new imho.


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RS6's - boring

The ones above are a bit too "bling" IMO


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The boycie man is right, they are a little common especially over here! Can't really go wrong with BBS can you?

flying oyster

flying oyster
im loving the rs6 still
bbs lovely but sheds loads with rubber as well