is it possible to take off an unknown remap...?


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Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.

Just over a week now purchased an A4 1.9 TDI Avant 130. Suspicion arose in a few days that the car seemed to have a remap on it. I contacted the owner who admitted he did have it done by some mobile mechanic a few years ago which he doesn’t have the details for the person or in terms what was done exactly.

I’m a bit worried an the car seems to over boost an very sluggish in the lower rev range. Spins out of control as well.

Is it possible to take this unknown map off?
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yes just all mappers should have the oem map for you car as long as they have done 1 b4 #
i know 1 that can sort it where are you based ?
also if it comes to it audi will reflash if for you