Is it me or is it slow to pull away


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Got an A4 Avant 1.9 tdi 130 sport on a 54 plate, lately i've noticed that the car when pulling from traffic lights or from a junction there is a delay when pulling off is this a standard thing for this car or is there something wrong.

I did a code check from local garage no faults found, yesterday I removed the EGR value to give a clean as some other threads mention this so I thought why not what have I to loss. There was plenty of coke build up (black stuff) which took ages to clean at the same time I clean the air box too as this had a few foreign bodies in it lol. All put back and to be honest I have noticed no real difference to pulling away but the torque is a bit better.

The car drive fine when at speed with no adverse issues noted.

Any one got any suggestion what I should try next??????




A4 b6 TDI V6 Quattro Sport
Check all your boost hoses for splits or cracks and check the clips that hold the hoses onto the intercooler and turbo mate