Is it logic or dreamland?


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Feb 11, 2011
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Hi guys,

I posted a thread yesterday about a oil problem i was having which caulsed my top end to get noisy, I really dont have the time to trouble shoot so i have decided to replace the engine?

Now here's my q that may be totally logic or will prove i was living in dreamland when i assumed this?

If its a from a golf 1.8 gti turbo 2000 engine code (AUM) with a few adjustments taken into consideration will it fit into A4 1.8T quattro sport 2001 engine code (AJV).

any info would be aprriated and is there anything i sould change whilst the egines on the floor?

thanks for your time

my 2 cents is to sourcesame engine code as it will sav all the arsing about that your trying to avoid by doint this swap rather than troubleshooting as im pretty sure it wont run as smooth as planed if not the same code or car as iknow youll have to tweak here and there resulting in time messing around you could of troubleshot the other engine and saved money so defiting the ponit of the swap as your doing this for time and ease witch it wont be if not the same. what car do you drive is it a knock or a tap is it top or bottom end?? will try point you in direction if i can
As above, you really need the same engine code (I think you mean AVJ rather than AJV?) if it's to be a pain free swap. At the very least, you really want another engine that was designed to be installed longitudinally.

I don't really see how replacing the engine is easier than dropping the sump and cleaning the oil pan, and replacing the oil pump and strainer/pick up?

My car, the same engine code as yours, had the very same problem with a blocked pick up, and the top end sounded awful even at idle. I didn't drive it, had the pump and strainer replaced, and it's as good as new now. I've even had it remapped since!

Even if your turbo is gone as well, its not as big a job as the engine swap.

I'd give it a go, these 1.8t engines are pretty robust, and it should have survived fine as long as it wasn't driven and stopped as soon as the problem occured.
Thanks for the replies guys, well my oil sensor light is on from the start and after 10-15 mins the top end gets noisy? You guys have made up my mind i will replace the oil pump/strainer and oil pickup but im in two minds to flush it or use seafoam as i heard that it can cause more damage?

As for the turbo i will try and source a second hand one does it go by code again? have a decent knowledge of cars but not with turbo's not really bothered about speed just want it to be reliable my mate is going to do the labour for me.

if someone could point me in the right direction of what i should change/replace, clean or repair it would be much appriciated.

thanks for your timeoh yer tooks you right my engine code is AVJ LOL
iv had quite a bit to do with the AVJ
i realy hate them now
anyway you need the avj and very very good luck finding 1
and when you do ur just gona love the bill
as above drop the sump fit new pick up etc its not a hard job only a few hours work
you may be lucky fingers crossed
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I don't really see how replacing the engine is easier than dropping the sump and cleaning the oil pan, and replacing the oil pump and strainer/pick up?

I've got to agree with this! Especially for a block from another car, possibly with a transverse engine ...... And if you bought a s/h engine you'd be well advised to clean the oil pick up first anyway! I doubt decent 1.8T's are 10 a penny due to this issue, so it wouldn't be cheap.

Better the devil you know in my experience.
afaik the 06a blocks are all the same anyway, so a golf engine would fit, but you'd need to transfer all the ancillaries over from your old engine

I dont see the point though, just replace the oil pump on your existing engine.

Also your "Oil Sensor" issue is unrelated. The oil sensor lives in the sump pan, and gives level and temperature readings.
I have looked for a AJV engine and havnt found one lol, so i am going to spend this week changing the oil pump, oil pick up and then have the turbo seen to, i've seen turbo repair kits are they any good?
what makes you think some thing is wrong with the turbo mate
id wait till you have done the sump and oil change first mate
while im down there should i get the oil pump changed aswell as the oil pick up pipe oil strainer, oil and larger oil filter? or should i try it without the pump 1st?
Just change the pump when its open, they're not expensive.

I wouldnt bother with a larger filter, just change the oil nice and regularly, every 5k or so works for me (basically as soon as it stops looking golden and starts to go black).
thakns simon and aragorn.

that inly thing that worries me is that my top end is abit noisy and the turbo gets noisy wen rev'ed over 3000 rpm and smokes wen it gets warm?

im going to get the parts today and hopfully have someone fit them today too (fingers crossed)
the top end noise mate is probly as the oil is not getting up there at all so it will rattle i really think you should not be pushing the enging right now mate as its going to cost you in the end if you do. id take it very easy if you have to use the car at all. if the turbo is dead too let me no i have the web sit of a good place the re does them for a good price
I think the AVJ engine is hardly one of the quietest 1.8t's they ever built to be honest.

Mine is smooth from 1500rpm upwards, but can sound a bit 'agricultural' at tickover, especially when hot.

Definitely worth doing the pump whilst you're in there, not costly.
cheers simon ill bear that in mind if the turbo needs replacing, i got all the parts today all quite reasonable i thought but im abit concerned about the "oil suction pipe" i was supplied by audi i asked for a oil pick up pipe they said it was the same thing and i also asked for a sump screen????? but they said this engine doesnt have one?
well if they say they have give you the right parts mate all you can do is take it apart and if there is some thing missing give them a bell ;-) whats the sump screen mate
the avj doesnt have a sump screen as audi said
and if you have been reving upto 3k rpm i would say the turbo is gone
only takes minutes with no oil or lack of to wreck them
hmm probly is gone then, im not sure if you can interchange turbo's or is there certain ones for certain engines? i was hoping to get the car on the road this weekend but already running out of time? the mechanic has said its ruffly a 5 hr job? he hasnt changed the oil pump on one before but is fairly clued up?

so it looks like ill be taking simon up on his offer sooner then expected lol