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Is installing springs developed for a lighter vehicle wrong?

dp_motley May 31, 2018

  1. dp_motley

    dp_motley 2012 A3 1.6 TDI S line 2019 A3 35TFSI S line Sportback TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group Team Nano Grey S tronic

    I just thought what would happen if someone installed lowering springs developed for a lighter model to a heavier one? Would someone's car drop lower than if they installed the right springs?

    Let's say a car had an axle load of 1065/1005 (front/rear) and someone installed springs that were developed for a car with the axle load of 980/1005 (rear is the same). Would the front drop lower? What trouble would the car owner face?
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  3. QuattroCalum

    QuattroCalum Well-Known Member Saloon saloon Audi A4 Black Edition Manual

    It's a non starter, if it was okay why would they make so many different springs for similar models.
    It would be undersprung and would hit the bumpstops regularly along with being a softer ride.

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