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Is B8 RS4 MPG as bad as I think

Scott.T Jun 15, 2019

  1. Scott.T

    Scott.T Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I've fancied a B8.5 RS4 for some time but the 'cc' and 'mpg' have always been a concern as a daily.
    I'm now in the position to spend £30K so that puts the RS4 into contention.

    Is the MPG really as bad as I would expect for such a large capacity car.
    How does it compare to an S4 B8 which I have owned before.
    What sort of range does a tank give if cruising on the M'way i.e on a trip/holiday.

    My previous car, a Mk3 Focus RS, averaged 22-23mpg long term i.e weekends out and 4x2mile trips per day during the week.

    Any warranty firms you recommend that will cover the S-tronic box ?

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  3. no_idea

    no_idea Well-Known Member

    I get 20-21 mpg on my work route which is 14 mile B roads, each way.
    That gives about 230-240 on a tank.
    Steady motorway this can increase to 300 to a tank.
    I am not heavy footed most of the time but do enjoy a good B road blast when traffic allows.

    As for warranty I have the Audi extended warranty that you can buy via the Audi website. When I looked it offered the best cover.

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  4. Thundercliffe81

    Thundercliffe81 Well-Known Member Team V8 Team Sepang Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    As above. My overall is 22mpg in past 9 months. I've driven it very hard though. 300 miles is achievable on a long run. I've never got less than 240miles and that was absolutely ragging it!

    I'm selling mine if you're at all interested. It's on the For Sale boards. Good luck

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  5. Rabie2412

    Rabie2412 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi RS4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group

    Just driving around Aberdeen am down to around 14mpg and a Open Road Run I see it getting upto around 27mpg ... That's From the Car Display.
  6. HB14

    HB14 Member

    Same as most people, I get 28.6 on a run to London, 51 mile of motorway on cruise at under 80. Returns around 270 to a tank on average, but if you do a lot of town driving it will drop to low 20's. My biggest advice is watch for carbon build up. My Mrs daily's our car so I have to keep an eye on it a lot more according to Audi. Even though my DRC has just failed again!
  7. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter


    I like how you admit ragging it, then try and sell it.:busted cop:

    Wouldn't really inspire me to buy it!
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  8. Scott.T

    Scott.T Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your replies guys.
    Not quite as bad as I thought then.

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