Is AMD the best for remaps in SE Eng


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Is £500 - 550 the standard price everone is paying for there remaps,
im abit a short on cash and wanted to add some other stuff (induction kit,maybe exhaust) before i remap it.

Any other suggestions or is AMD the best at £550 for 30bhp increase???


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AmD AmD AmD AmD AmD AmD !

I've had a few remaps on cars over time and always found AmD's to be the best


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Had mine Revo'd - brilliant, at Ashford Motorsports in Dover, Kent.
Also had a 1.8T with an Upsolute remap at Impossible Performance in Medway...

Def recommend either but the Revo was cheaper (slightly)...


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mrc in banbury do one of the best around, if u have a custom remap, he sits in the back of the car and tunes it to your own style of driving. for more recommendations look on all the s4/rs4 owners rate them as the best


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well phoned around a few places, Chipped-UK seem to be the best
around 40hp increase for £275 - rolling road re-map.

sounds too good to be true, but they said its special offer until xmas. normally £375

They said they specialise in chips and remapping and do nothing else, thats why they charge less than others.

has anyone ever heard of a carboni/o induction kit? i was recommended it by a friend. jUs want to know if anyone has ever used it ???