Is a stolen recovered c7 rs6 a good idea?


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Mar 22, 2014
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ive found a super low mileage high spec rs6 with some minimal damage. I'd change a complete leg to be safe and replace some cosmetic panels although that's probably being over cautious since the panels I've will paint and be ok. I'm just looking to see what you guys think about stolen recovered cars and this is a big jump for me from my last Rs model which was a c5 saloon.

Would you guys consider buying one if it was mint with the correct history etc? I'm wondering since somewhere down the line id have to sell it and fast Audis are a bit of a niche.
I would go for it if the price was right.
Take some pictures of any damage so you could show any buyer in the future what it was like after it's theft/recovery.
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Suppose it will always be recorded as cat D which will put people off and affect price. If you can get it at the right price and keep it a while, it is probably a good buy especially with documented pictures of repairs.
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would it really be a catD? I thought that was only for "beyond economic repair", not for all insurance sales?

I'm guessing the stolen car was replaced under insurance, then recovered a while later, so the insurance company technically owns the recovered car and can re-sell it.
Run a hpi check as that should show cat d etc. Personally I'd never buy a crash damaged car so if you do buy one you will limit who might buy it off you in the future. RS6 though ;)

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The cars sold now, it went for aroun 50k on a 14 plate, high spec with low miles but needing around 8k spent on it since the parts are like gold dust yet. I'm finding a great hesitance in people buying these cars when on a cat d. The main factor for me would be what was the damage, how does I run now.
Depreciation on a "normal" RS6 will drop to less than that in about 2 years.

Or go for an RS4