Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft


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As Audi owners, theres a big target on these cars for thieves unfortunately. Please could you support this petition and make sure you SHARE with others!

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Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft.

The level of violence thieves are using is increasing.

Last week a 4 week old baby was kidnapped during a vehicle theft

Let’s keep it safe and make a difference.

David Jamieson, police and crime commissioner for the WEST MIDLANDS: "Car thefts have doubled in two years – that’s an epidemic. "This is making our lives really difficult..”

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Thank you in advance!


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The manufacturers could also do more to make the vehicles more secure.

Just look at the amount of keyless thefts that are happening, and no response from any of the manufacturers.

A decent tracker system is still around the £1k mark, but how many cars now have integrated SIM card modules more than capable of being a tracker system (some are!)

We buy our £80k cars, then have to load it with £1k+ of additional security fearptures just to keep it safe!

Loading the judicial system and prisons is, unfortunately, not going to help.

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On the B9 A4 you can turn off auto door opening if you have keyless entry so they are thinking about it imho.


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We should introduce fights to the death for those in for murder, rape etc to free up some space