Intermittent smoking on idle


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Been on here for a while but not posted much lately, basically i have a a4 b7 2.0tdi bre engine avant and it has developed a intermittent smoking problem and is really getting on my t*ts

The car has had the egr deleted along with the cooler, decatted and mapped to suit with a hybrid turbo and fmic

Started a few weeks back and is very intermittent but seems to be getting slightly worse.
Car starts fine and runs well, very good idle not lumpy like some and pulls well.

Basically if you fire the car from cold.its fine no smoke or not enough to worry about, its mainly once it has gotten warm, you can pull over at the lights and it will chuck loads out on idel and some pulling away, get to the next lights and its gone then maybe re appears at the next set
It is kind of a blue/grey/white colour if that helps
Other days it is worse than others

Anyone had a similar issue before
Done alot of reading and some.haf put it down to torsion settings, i have done all this so the car is now sat at -0.5 at idel when warm and the fuel hovers around 0.4/0.6 l/h
This seemed to have no change or effect on the smoke and the car still runs fine

The only other option i have at the moment after some research is that it could be the pcv valve located in the cam cover and cannot be bought separate (full cover around 130ish from tps)
Would fitting a catch can be a temp solution to check that it is the pcv before forking out on a new cover.

Long rambeling post i know but starting to run out of ideas

My a4 how it sits at the mo


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Cheers bud
the turbo seals had crossed my mind but it has been freshly rebuilt by turbo dynamics less that 3 weeks ago so i kinda of ruled that out for now, boost pipes dont seem to have excessive oil in them either :-/

Its not a constant smoke which is bugging me, as i would have though that anything turbo/ head gasket or stem seal related would have caused a constant smoke which this is very intermittent
Cheers for the reply