Intermittent Oil Sensor alarm coming on

The Doctor

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Hi guys, having just bought a 2003 '03 S3, I've found a few minor niggles that I'd like to fix.

A couple of times when I have started the car, the Oil Sensor yellow warning alarm comes on in the dash display. It doesn't happen every time I start the car & the oil level is fine according to the dipstick.

Is this something I can sort out myself or do I need to get a dealer/specialist to look at this? The car is due for a cambelt change, so I could include this as part of the work to be done if this is best.



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If you're getting the cam belt changed anyway, then just ask them to look into it at the same time.

Does it do it when you're on the move - I'd be more concerned if there was a pattern, such as only happening at high revs or going rouind corners.

Just take it easier until you've found out why.

The Doctor

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No, it only does it on start-up occasionally, no other time. I'll get it checked when the cambelt's done.