Q3 Intermittent limp mode - seemingly, when going into low gear


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Would be interesting to know if anyone had a similar problem to mine.

My 2015 Q3 had developed a problem - it intermittently goes into limp mode, seemingly after engine braking was used where RPM goes slightly above 3k in a more abrupt manner than a gentle gear shift with the clutch. Happened 3 times now - with about 1000 miles / 2 weeks inbetween occurrences.

First time it happened, the computer was scanned immediately by my neighbour, showing codes P008700 (Fuel Rail / System Pressure - Too Low) and P034100 (Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Range / Performance). The error was cleared, and fuel filter change (as a cheap first fix) was advised. The car restarted just fine, with limp mode gone.

Second time it happened after two weeks. I've then booked the car with a garage, two days in advance. When I came to the garage, there were no errors on the computer, and they couldn't find anything wrong with the car - but I changed the fuel filter as advised by the mechanic when the issue happened first time. The old filter was fine though.

Third time it happened after another two weeks. I brought the car to the garage again next morning to check it, and computer was showing fault 5580 (Oil Pressure Switch Malfunction - P164B00 [096] Intermittent - Not Confirmed).

Every time the car is restarted after limp mode occurred, it drives just fine - until at some point it happens again.

Would appreciate any advice from experts.

Just to add, having the car from brand new, it was nothing but a pain throughout. I am definitely NOT going to consider buying anything Audi or affiliated in the future.


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Not really, despite having several checks at Audi dealers and Audi specialists. However, the good news is that it didn't show up for several months now, so I suspect the issue was either with fuel at the time, or with temporary blockage which sorted itself out.