Intermittent knocking/tapping sound 1.8 FL *video included*


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I bought my A3 mid August on 80k miles and had a full service. About a month ago I could hear a quiet tapping sound developing so brought my car to a garage. They plugged it in and codes for the Intake manifold flaps came up so they advised me the sound was that and to delete them. Mistakenly, I followed through with it however I was confused as to why upon returning to the car, the sound was still there. The sound had become more noticeable between their first diagnosis and them working on the car.
They’ve advised to have a full service with 5w 40 instead of 5w 30 and oil pick up pipe checked and cleaned. If that doesn’t resolve it they’ve told me it’s my hydraulic lifters or maybe a timing issue. They also mentioned that my water pump is leaking so would be doing timing chain and pump along with the lifters which will be a hefty sum for me at the moment.

I just want more opinions on what the sound could be before I spend a big amount of money. Car drives and pulls fine, sound matches revs and fades (or is drowned out) after about 1.8/2k+ revs. Thank you in advance