Interior trim removal ?


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Jul 5, 2006
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Does anyone know how to remove the interior trim in an a3 sportback as mines got an old company phone holder that i want to take out also its got walnut trim which i want to paint
Hi, someone should be along shortly to help with The removal of the interior trim. Why dont you vinyl wrap The walnut trim, be a lot smarter
than painting.
pm sent and I think a painted finish would be more hardwaring than a vinyl wrap ?
Hey guys. I didn't want to start a new thread when this one is here.

I have a 2007 a3 8p hatchback. Fantastic car but it has the walnut interior trim. I have managed to get the ash tray and gear surround out but don't know where to start with the trim on the door panels and in the back.

Is there a how to or does anyone have any hints, tips or pictures?


That looks great. Does anyone know how the trim is removed in the rear? All I need to remove is the walnut trim.
Cheers fangio.

Managed to get them out. The difficult part is finding a bit to get your hands in!
Done and dusted! Not going to lie I am really chuffed with the results!

Before -

During -

After -
Cracking job - prefer the wood myself; must be an age thing. Only the most expensive cars had wood trim when I were a lad, but it was real wood! ;)

It is real wood fangio. I was amazed when I turned the trim over and could see the grain! I felt it made the car look old tho. The carbonfibre gives it a fresh look!
Strange! Mine are plastic, but very realistic. If the clips were wood, I think they would snap off with the force needed to remove them.
Its real wood with metal backing. The clips are metal and very sturdy. You'd be hard pushed to break them in my opinion!
Now that looks ****** amazing. Good job to the both of you! I'm always looking to mod the car up and this looks like my next step. Any chance of removing from the unit surrounding the air con and radio? I would love to wrap that up as it's a big centre piece of the car
I didnt even look into wrapping the air con surround. All I wanted was to get rid of the nasty wood. It'd probably be possible to wrap bits of it however I think it would be very time consuming and more hassle than its worth. I dont know if anyone else has done it on here?
U could probably do the aircon although it would be fiddly. the radio in mine however is a pioneer unit which looks very different and the carbon would ruin it.
Your right in terms of it being fiddly with all the buttons. The most quickest way i could think of wrapping that unit in a carbon fibre look will be to plasti dip it
how did you get the surrond around the gearstick out? did you leave the boot behind? if so how did you get it off without damaging the clips?? the clips are being a pain and i dont want to break them, done everything else!! even deleted the ash tray for a nice cuby hole!
its been a while but I'm pretty sure it just pulled out. The clips on mine were metal and pretty sturdy. As for the gear boot, once the surround was out I was able to detach it.
Ok thanks for the reply, ill just have to persist with mine tomorrow, there's just no give in any of them, thanks for the reply
Sorry to hijack but thought it made sense to post here rather than start a new thread.

I am planning on getting my S3 trim carbon skinned on my 2010 facelift. But I don want to ruin an S3 trim so I am goin go to buy a lower spec one and do that.

I wondered is there any difference between PFL and FL door trims gearstick trim and ashtray ?

Would these fit on my 2010 ok after skinning ?
Providing you remove the vinyl trim with a bit of heat and take care while you're doing it there wont be any damage to the trim.

I wouldn't bother buying more. If you make a good enough job it'll look standard and you won't have to remove it prior to selling.
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Thanks dude, done it now, just persisted with the clips as they were so stiff!!

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