interior polish/cleaner

Hi all, can anyone recommend a polish/cleaner for the interior of my pride and joy,i am looking for something for the door cards and dash mainly i'm not a fan of a shinny dash like the average cleaners leave just a nice clean looking dash,
any help greatfully recieved,


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A general purpose cleaner is what you need here Matt.

Something like Meguiars' APC (All-Purpose Cleaner) or AutoSmart's G101. Both dilute down quite nicely and double as wheel, tyre, engine, upholstery 'you name it' cleaners.

I'm not a fan of shiny plastics either.. If you want a prectector to go down (door cards etc) then have a look into 303 Aerospace Protectant. A nice product to use and doesn't leave greasy/shiny smears.