Interior lighting activation


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Evening all,
I'm going to get the door card lights for my car and so to get ready for it I'm trying to activate the background lighting menu in the mmi.
I've activated the ambient footwell lights in the central electrics module but can't work out how to get the dial on my mmi.
I've variously seen using the green menu and also adaptations but I have very little experience on either and would need my hand holding. I've done quite a lot on the long coding with my obdeleven which is how I've done the other bits.

The car is a 2015 allroad with tech pack (I think this means it's mib, not 3g+?) Without lighting pack.
I have a obdeleven which has been pretty good.

I did this mod on my Audi A4 and remember it being much easier.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey there,

I've managed to get the background lighting activated (which in the absence of any other lights being fitted just puts on the footwell lights when driving). I haven't managed to get the adjustment on the MMI screen but can adjust it in the adaptations.
I haven't yet fitted the door card lights but its on the list of things to do before it starts getting dark again.