Interior Light Mystery



Hi all, been given these as part of interior light pack by @t8ups but I'm not sure where they go??? They have 3M sticky on the back


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They are for the footwell lights. You'll need to unplug the wiring from the lamp unit and disassemble the lamp to get the led panel in close to the lens. The little plug goes where the original bulb fits.
Hmmmmmmm I thought so, I did try however it seems that there's no way to put the led light in? Looks like it won't fit, maybe I have to bend the original light holder up a bit?
You have to remove the rear cover and the springs that hold the bulb, carefully. Pull them off with a pair of pliers but remember how each spring goes. Slide in the led panel, then re fit the springs.
Thanks will give this a go, I dont remember seeing any springs more so just a metal holder, have been given 8 in total for some reason
Thanks for the help, got it all fitted :) only thing is that there appear to be blue spots all over the floor now! Maybe something to do with the reflector..
Thanks t8ups, with the DRL car looks much more modern now :)
This plug seems to be refusing to come down...Any idea?


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Yeah same appears with the footwell lights the plug doesn't want to come down!
The door ones don't have much spare loom, you may need to remove the door card. Footwells do have some slack, give the loom a shake about, the loom may have caught on a scew, clip or something.
If you have the red door marker lights on your car should they work? Or are some just reflectors

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