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interior differences preface / facelift

Muthe Dec 1, 2018

  1. Muthe

    Muthe Registered User

    Hi everyone! i have a 2000 A6, and its got the RNS-D type navigation, and i want to change it to some aftermarket unit or to the RNS-E unit.

    First:What I like to know is, is there anydifferences between the preface/facelift center console desing? Because i found a lot of installing/mounting kit with very different year specificaions. And its not cheap, so i don't have the luxury to try out some.

    And Second: which RNS-E can be retrofitted in the place of the RNS-D? what upgrades/changes needed to be fitted? i Considered it because of the above mentioned problem, and its nearly at the same cost.

    Thanks for the help! :bye:

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