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Hey guys and gals,

I like to keep the interior looking as nice as the exterior in terms of cleanliness, but what do people recommend for the inside of the windscreen?

It looks clean at the time but if it's night time and i have a car coming towards me with it's lights in the air coz the fecker can't be ***** to align them, i can see big smudge's on the screen :(

Any help?


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ive always got on with AG window cleaner, 2 passes and its spic and span :)


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Yeah, I hate the interior windows, too. Find myself using paper-towel now to remove glass polish (whatever it may be...)

Found myself being lazy in the past and leaving all sorts of streaks on the inner pane. It's a case of less is more..

currently using AutoSmart SilverScreen. (think its called..)

then there's just the AG Glass Polish, but, heard good things about the Carlack twins.


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IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) is actually very good for streak free results but if you dont have that then I find pretty much any spray on cleaner will work as long as you're thorough. Alot of the spray cleaners say to spray directly onto the glass but I always mist it onto a microfibre and thoroughly buff the glass and then turn to the dry side and give another wipe. After that I go round all the glass again with a different microfibre to remove any feint smears that may be left. Break the windscreen into quarters when doing the inside, this will help reduce any missed bits too.

Also, try to avoid doing glass in the sun and most definitely avoid doing it when its cold/damp as this can quite often result in smears.

The 3M sun gun is excellent for spotting any smears too but probably a bit OTT just for the glass! :)


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The best stuff i have ever used was the Turtle wax glass spray, alcohol based. But can't find that anywhere now which is a pain in the ****. I now use AG glass polish with micro fibre cloths. Then just some glass wipes every couple of days, again buffing with a microfibre. Works a treat for me.
You couple also try house hold windowlean (or something similar), my mum uses this and the results are surprisingly good with very few smears.


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I've been using Einszett Cockpit Premium for the interior plastics, gives a very nice matte finish!

Also been using Einszett Windscreen Clear for my windows and it seems alright. Can't really comment on how good it is as I've never really had a problem cleaning windows.