Interior and door light not working

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Can someone point me in the right direction my audi a4 has had this problem since I brought it the interior light and door lights all work fine apart from when I open n/s front door The interior light does not come on the red light at bottom of door not working (have tried new bulb) and it's not showing as open on the dash all other doors are working fine also the c/l and e/w and e/m is all working fine on the passenger door I have cleaned the door lock with wd40 but still no joy


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I've been seeking a solution to the same, albeit the rear hatch - common consensus seems to be the microswitch in the door lock - which I believe is integral to the latch, not a separate part. The other culprit of course could be a broken wire in the loom where it goes into the door. But as the rest of the electrics are working I'd guess that's less likely.

Instructions on removing the door card are here, - i guess the A4 is the same. See also


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On the front doors everything is controlled via the can network, except from door open microswitch and the speakers, they are directly connected..
Pull back the rubber boot on the harness that connects the door to the car and have a check in there..