Interesting S3 'race car' on ebay


My other car is a MINI!!!!
Link found by jardo:

Year 2000 Audi S3 8L left hand drive race car | eBay


Looks interesting enough, if a little rough around the edges!

I had thought about mounting my rear wing back there remotely, as technically, it's a better place for it to be, but my god it looks wierd!

Very odd looking build in places, nice to know there are others out there though!

I wonder is the previously white (now green / grey) one is still kicking around too?


Down under
Properly used race cars will always be rough around the edges I guess.

Interesting that he's running it in FWD, presumably removed the prop etc for weight but still has the wider track/shell and independent rear setup. Nice.

I wonder if that cage mounts to the front towers. Would be a pretty stiff setup.


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It's still on the standard tip too!


My other car is a MINI!!!!
it's an odd mix, rear bumper is A3, can't tell if the arches are S3 width or not either.

rear diffuser looks ultra high up, and the exhaust sticks through it, so it's surely more form over function, just like the splitter which comes off with the quick release bumper,.

Hmmmmmmmmm, seems questionable at best, wonder what it was raced in?

I really, REALLY want to race mine, even if it's only once, simply so I can change my thread title from 'Track car' to 'Race car'



My other car is a MINI!!!!
Good shout Rupe! given the location you're almost certainly correct :)

Looks like an interesting little series too :)