Interesting S3 build - Sequential shifter, stroker AET3076 build

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Here's an interesting customer car, which is developing into quite some track toy... Lots of nice bits being spec'd by the owner..
A few videos of it being exercised on its SQS-E Sequential gear shifter.
ECU been changed from me7 which was running mafless previously to an Emerald K6+ pnp unit. 3 switchable maps for customer requested power delivery (steering wheel press to pass button), wideband lambda control with Zeitronix afr controller...



My other car is a MINI!!!!
This is seriously cool Bill!!!

Some very very tasty parts on this build indeed! I'd love to drive something with the SEQshift one day to see what it's like

Andrew must be happy, surely it's faster than his Fiat now :laugh:


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I'm already sold on the sqs shifter mech, but its the potential for saving of £4K per gearbox by not having to use dog gears that really interests me