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Hi I'm looking for an intercooler, been looking at the wagner competition one. Has any one had any experience with this one, I see this one does require some cutting to fit being the largest one on the market. I realise bigger isn't always better, but the tuner I plan to use recommends this one highly.
Where is the best place to get it from? Any other intercoolers to consider? Fitting this one has anyone done it, how hard was it?



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If your installer/tuner recommends it and has done it before then go for it. All the serious tuner guys have them as it has the biggest volume. I have the APR one which fits very well with minimal trouble. My buddy had the Forge one fitted and it was a bit of a PIA like many of the other brands. I'd say go for Wagner if you want max volume, and after that all the others are about the same volume so I'd recommend the APR one for easier install


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I have the Wagner and I changed the radiator to the original type. I'm lead to believe that it's not to messy to mod the new type radiator to fit the intercooler. I only did this for time only otherwise I'd of kept the newer radiator.


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Thanks for the replies, didn't realise there was two different radiators, I've checked mine and it has the ripped one so I should be ok right?
Where is everyone ordering them from?