Intake manifold fault?!


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Hi folks,

I had my car revo'd a couple of weeks ago, and when they hooked it up for faults, they found this, but when they checked a second time around, it was not logged... Any ideas what it means? And if it's serious?

012599 - intake manifold runner control: basic setting not completed
P3137 - 001 - upper limit exceeded - intermittent
Freeze frame:
Fault status: 00100001
Fault priority: 0
Fault frequency: 1
Mileage: 42542 km
Time indication: 0

Can anyone shed some light?



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Thanks Khufu,

I done a google on this and found the above link and also some other notes on what it could be, but it does seem to be very common and most of the times, it almost seems people ignore it, as it could just be a one off that it appears on vagcom, I guess i wont know how serious it is until i get my own vag-com and get to check it frequently to see if it keeps creeping up.


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Clear it for now and re-run the test a few days later after some spirited driving. Re-assess the situation if the fault reapears.

Could be just your car getting used to the map.