Insurance when your selling a car ?


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Jul 21, 2011
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So when i sell my mk2 there will poss be about 4 days maybe 5 from the point I sell my car and actually pick up the new one

Ive never had it when there has been a gap between selling the car and picking the new one up normally on the same day so I just ring up and swap it over

now I still have 2 months left on my current policy and will finally have 1ncd again at renewal! now what I dont want to have to do is canx the pol due to not getting the car for 4 days from point of sale

where do I stand? Should I leave the old car insured and swap it over on the day I pick up or just ring up and swap the ins over on the day I sell the car even though I technically dont have it? Although the deal would be done at the garage etc
Swap it over when you purchase new car. I had few times insurance for cars/bikes for more than 2 weeks and didnt own the vehicle anymore.

You could cancel and take new policy after 4 days with same/different insurer but you wont gain 1ncb as result so not worth it.
cool so from the point i agree to buy the car , deposit down finance agreed which would be on the same day i sell my old car