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A warning to all you clever people who bought a multi car policy and sit smugly thinking about how much you saved.

I have had my company Van and the Audi on a Multi car policy for the last 5 years. I did this as it was advertised as saving me money as you might expect. Anyway this year the price went up 14.5% , I am old fart now and have 40 years no claims so thanks Aviva, what you are basically saying is you don’t want to insure me anymore.

When I looked into the policy I found that the van was £195 Fully comp and the Audi £545 FC so I thought I will leave the van with them and shop around for the Audi.

I rang them up and said how much will the van go up if I just insure the van as it will no longer be on a multi vehicle policy ?

The guy on the phone came back with £172 !!

So its cheaper as a stand alone policy. Why is that I asked. Oh well it looks like you have a pension policy with us and you get a discount on that and we don’t give two discounts so although you have a multi car policy you don’t get cheaper insurance in fact its more expensive that separate policy’s.

Now they tell me………..I didn’t even take out a pension policy with them, it looks like a subsidiary probably Royal London bought my policy from Friends provident in a take over some years back and I didn’t even know Aviva was involved.

Bottom line is I shopped about got a much better cover for an S3 with declared mods, stg 2+ and CAI etc for £360 fully comp saving £185.00.

Don’t assume because you have a multi vehicle policy its cheaper than separate policy’s………….even with the same company.


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I had the exact same with admiral this year. Renewing a A6&A3, both 2.0 tdi. Renewal went up and I shopped around and got the A6 cheaper. I then bought my 3.2 and the new multi car policy for the A6 and 3.2 was cheaper!!

Makes no sense.