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Jun 23, 2007
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My insurance is due aug 19th i have jus recieved a quote for £1400 for my 2001 audi s3 fully comp,i then called elephant and said i found it cheaper and got it down to £1238,which is still quite dear,anyone know of any good insurance companys,im 21 2yrs ncb,3yrs driving:friends:
Greenlight - my renewal with elephant for 10 months was £730 and I'm 26 with 4yrs NCB and that wasn't protected.

Greenlight was £575 full protected for 1 year. Funnily enough mine is due 19th August

If you do go with Elephant put your parents down as users - brings your premium down a lot.
I use a broker Fastrack & Amber Insurance based in Bracknell T:01344 404600, to be honest did the girl friends insurance the other day and she couldn't get it cheaper on Elephant or Confused.

So we went with broker, give them a try!
If you use a specialised German Marque insurer then things get a lot cheaper.

Try Brentacre in Swansea. They usually beat or match Adrian Flux prices but are actually a decent company, unlike Flux.
Brentacre did for me:

1 year no claims, RG Postcode, 7 Points, 4 of which are for driving without due care.

Audi A3, 240Bhp and ALL mods declared. £250 excess. Agreed Value and mods new for old.

For £800 a year.
I'd have to go with Direct Line too, good customer service and very competitive prices. They are the only ones who will go near my soon to be acquired M5.

Norwich Union are also worth a try, but their service is rather poor.
Are you delcaring any mods with DirectLine also? They don't seem to like mods and charge a whopping excess.

Remember, if you don't insure the modifications, you aren't insured AT ALL.
I think age is a major factor. Direct line quoted me £950 3rd party, £930 fully comp!! I'm 21 1 years ncb 3 years driving, UB postcode on a group 13 car. Autotrader are good though.
i havent declared mods as i havent made any mods yet apart form a panel filter which can be swapped if needed be,i cant seem to beat £1238 anywhere the multiquote sites seem to just give me crap price from anything around £2200 - £4000 they are crap,well thats my opinion anyway.
Swiftcover was good for me, saved me £200 over Elephant who I moved from.

£445 on a new S3 with 9yrs no claims, 29yr old.
try bell they were the second cheapest for me at around £800.

Im currently with direct line, 22, 2yrs NCB 225 s3 no mods £680 iirc
elephant were the cheepest for me im paying £1900 fully comp 1 years ncb.
You're paying £1900 a year!!!

Is it even worth having the car?!?!?!??!
I found Greenlight and Adrian Flux to be good this year, should ad im paying £490 fully comp, full ncb protected, no points (touch wood), all mods declared and im 29.
Adrian Flux are a good broker. They are very good with mods as well, as they only load about 10-20% for if you have alloys/exhuast/air filer/ suspension/big stereo/remap and a few other bits.
alloys and air filter on thier own is 0-5% increase.

Its very important to declare all mods as if you have an accident and they send somebody to inspect the damage and notices the mods they can refuse to pay and cancel the insurance.
Insurance companies look hard for an excuse not to pay out. So while you think its okay not declaring mods, you will feel it when they refuse to pay.

I pay £800 fully comp with 7yr NCB (26yrs old). would be cheaper but because of postcode is a bit higher.
S3 SAF said:
worth every penny mate...:racer:

A few years ago
I had a Clio 172 Sport that was £1800, then
had a P1 Scooby which was £3500.
Sometimes you just got to pay it to be able to drive that car.
Theres a 22 year old guy on Pistonheads paying around 20k a year to insure his lambo......
I don't see how throwing 2K away (apart from piece of mind and cover if you do have a crash) every year can be worth it!!

Very few cars would be worth 2K a year on top of fuel and servicing to me, and it certainly wouldnt be worth paying 2K a year for the privilege of legally driving a 15K car.

I pay £550 with privilege on a london postcode... have 10 yrs no claims & 3 points.
Same as steveS3, Adrian Flux with 4years ncb and im 22

£600 fully comp!
My mate was with Adriun Flux and they rinsed him for under 25 premium, optional premiums, etc etc, when he tried to claim. Be sure of what you need to pay if you have a crash or get ya stereo nicked like he did, (dvd 1ks worth)

Anyway, i'm 24 with 5yrs No claim and Direct Line did mine for £540 which was great, was an extra £50-£60 more if i had an S3. that protected NCB too. Norwich union and RAC have been good for the last few years....I was looking to get a 3.0 supra twin turbo a few weeks back but that plan never got off the ground after i checked my insurance, lol. just ot worth paying that much !!!
Adrian Flux are famous for messing people about when it comes to claim time.
Remember when claim time comes round its ultimately the insurance company you deal with and not the broker, so its always worth checking who the insurance company is when you get a quote from a broker. Personally ive had nothing but great service from Adrian Flux even when claiming.
I was paying £1800 with

20yrs old, 3yrs ncb, fully comp.
Had my renewal today and it was only £50 cheaper! Good job i havnt got the S3 anymore!! lol

It is alot to pay, but if you can afford it, why not?
Might aswell enjoy it now while you can afford it, i know once ive got a house etc.. i wont be able to afford a car like my S3 for a long time!

Just cancelled my insurance for my 98 1.8T Sport which was in my girlfriends name through Diamond which was about £1500 and put in my name with First they quoted me (I am 20, no NCB, 2 yrs driving) £1370 (this includes my girlfriend who is also 20 no NCB 2 yrs driving) then when I put my Dad on there as well (who is 45 full NCB, 15+ yrs driving) it went down to £1255, and then when I mentioned he has an IAM (Institute of advanced motorists licence) it dropped by a further £50! Am really pleased with it now :)
Funny thing is he'll probably never even drive it but who cares if just having him on there brings it down by that much! Maybe if I do let him drive my car, he'll let me have a go in his M5... or not :weight_lift2:
just got a new quote £992 fully comp with admiral 21 2years ncb,im well happy with that:arco:
Make sure you know what coverage you have with the lower end insurers, when i comes to an accident they will try every trick in the book to rip you off...hence the cheap insurance!

Also, I am amazed that some of you lads (and ladies) can afford S3's etc at the age of 21...I had a mini until I was 23 ***...:icon_thumright:

Thatcher's Britain lol! :whip:
nky_84 said:
Theres a 22 year old guy on Pistonheads paying around 20k a year to insure his lambo......

show me the link please. as i think he is from leicester
I had a Polo 900cc till I was 22 and that was in my mum's name, can't believe 20 year olds are paying over £100 a month just to insure their car.
You youngsters don't know yer born
i just had a qoute from green light

car is - w/2000 - s3 - no mods

me - 22y/o - 1yr no claims - 12 months - fully comp - 2 years driving

completly clean license

£972 a year fully comp

i think thats pretty good

Unfortunatly i have bought the s3 half way through an insurance year with elephant and they are charging over 1300 - fully comp
AndyMac said:
I had a Polo 900cc till I was 22 and that was in my mum's name, can't believe 20 year olds are paying over £100 a month just to insure their car.
You youngsters don't know yer born

I know what you mean Andy and I agree with you to a point. It's the sign of the times, things have moved on, and eveything in this part of the world is expensive to say the least.