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Insurance issue after stolen claim

MagpieMatt May 29, 2018

  1. MagpieMatt

    MagpieMatt Member


    My car was stolen last month then wrote off in a RTC with west midlands police. Ive brought a new car and ive been shopping round for new insurance, ive noticed theres ALOT of companies that won't insure me, baring in mind im 26 clean licence with 6yncb (was named for first few years)

    Anyway I rang through to Chris Knott and Sky insurance this morning and they both refused to insure me because a 'fault' claim even though its not my fault my car was stolen was on my record within the last 12months!

    Ive even had an Autowatch Ghost, tracker and use a crook lock overnight as a deterrent added to my new car.

    Luckily theres a few top brokers and underwriters that are willing, however only a handful compared to normally everyones offering me something.

    Has anyone had to deal with with garbage before?


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