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Insurance hiked up this year???

haywoon Jan 12, 2020

  1. Monkeychops

    Monkeychops Registered User

    Some insurers do ask for any factory options added.

    Admiral did and didn’t change the premium at all, was the same as if I hadn’t checked any of the options.
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  3. infernox

    infernox Registered User

    Ahh ok. I was thinking it might be some independent person who brokers your insurance. I sometimes see people on instagram talk about getting car insurance from some person, might have been daniel khan mention someone.
  4. Chris S 1245

    Chris S 1245 Registered User

    I was just trying to make a point :) But quite a lot of young people who are petrol heads that I know anyway Work hard 2 jobs sometimes to be able to afford their dream car .
  5. Monkeychops

    Monkeychops Registered User

    Exactly, a new S4 is more than a new RS3 ;)

    Bit of a ****** comment really as the chap made a point, don't have to **** on his chips saying how an S4 is lowly in comparison, as it isn't.
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  6. T-1000

    T-1000 Registered User

    AIB (forum sponsors) gave me a better quote my LV renewal, they like modified cars too.

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  7. nad

    nad Registered User

    I just got a quote online as a new customer directly with my existing insurance company, with no change in circumstances and the exact same coverage, it’s £240 less than the renewal price they sent me!

    If I was to take out a new policy with them instead of renewing my existing policy, can anyone think of any problems that could arise from doing this?

    Also, can anyone recommend a good/cheap excess protection provider? If I increase my voluntary excess from £100 to the max £1000 (£1300 total with compulsory excess included), this would save us additional £110. I know HSBC do a decent policy under their ‘select & cover’ range for just £20 a month (no min term/can cancel anytime) which provides unlimited claims/cover not only for motor insurance but home, pet & travel insurance too and cover extends to your partner/dependants. You also get to choose two additional perks within the same price such as worldwide family travel insurance, comprehensive family European motor breakdown cover, gadget/phone cover etc. This is the best value for money I can find unless anyone knows of any better?
  8. GW1

    GW1 Registered User

    My insurance is with LV and this year’s renewal is up by £200 over last year. When I looked at the renewal schedule there were changes in excesses, windscreen up to £140 Damage £300 fire and theft £500. I decided to run a quote as a new customer, wham, £256 cheaper, so I have changed my insurer and although the quote is slightly more than last year the excesses are much lower windscreen is £75 damage £150 and fire and theft £300, and hotel costs plus a car, and old for new extended too 2 years instead of 1 year, happy days.
  9. wuta3

    wuta3 Registered User

    I'm paying 1600 so you can all stop moaning
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  10. Dan_DJT

    Dan_DJT RS3 Saloon

    Who did you go with this year ?? I am with LV but their excesses etc have gone up so looking to change.

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