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Oct 14, 2017
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Reading, Berkshire
Boring story time..

That time of year again, last year I paid £525 for my insurance for my A3. This is the first full year of insurance on the S3.

We are with Admiral, 4 vechiles on a multicar policy. From an admin point of view it makes things a pain, especially as we were looking at taking 2 cars off..
Admirals renewal quote was £840, then went down to £805 after ringing them up.

Aviva (I think) wouldn't even quote online, same with Chris Knotts (due to being under 25 for this car).
Compare websites were coming back at around £2k. Adrian Flux at £1900. Direct line was around £1300 (regardless of doing a multicar).

My dad has always been a named driver on my cars as it has historically brought the price down but now it was doing the opposite. By removing him put the price down to £550 (£25 more than the A3 last year). He hasn't driven my car and only drove my last car on a couple of occasions so removing him didn't matter.
I needed to ammend my mileage to 13k (from 10k) so it changed the price from 550 to 625 .

So Admiral are quoting half of any other quote and a third of most. I wonder how much it would be by myself on Admiral (only my car, no other drivers) to see how much difference having 3 other cars on the policy is doing!)

Apart from the website not working correctly for the past week I don't mind Admiral customer service. The fee of £20~ to change the policy is a bit annoying, I had a friend insured to drive for 3 days and it cost like £27, £20 of that being the admin fee.... but nobody else even came close this time to competing.

/story over
I might give Admiral a ring as they increased my premium by roughly 25% this year for the S4 with a Milltek exhaust, had this car nearly 5 years and been with them for 18 years, not too happy !
Sorry we couldn't help out with your insurance but sounds like you've had some extremly competitive rates from Admiral. Thanks for giving us a try though.
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