Insurance advice required - test driving


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I have just placed an order for a new Audi S3, and will need to sell my current car before taking delivery. Obviously any prospective buyer is going to want to have a blast in my old car.

What is the best way to approach the subject of insurance. Is it the norm these days to insist that the test driver can prove 3rd party cover on his/her own insurance...?

What about cover if he/she crashes my car...?

Should I ask to see a drivers licence...?

Or will it be a case of no test sale.

It has been over 30 years since I have sold a car privately, so any advice greatly appreciated.

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The other driver needs to proove he has fully comp ins to drive your car, NOT fully comp to drive his car, most policies now do not cover you to drive any other car, if he / she can't provide proof and crash your car your up a gum tree.


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When I sold my last car I insisted on them being fully comp insured if they wish to drive it, the guy who bought it turned up with third party only so he got a passenger ride in it.
The first time he drove it was when he paid for it and the paperwork was done.


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Yes, even if the buyer has DOC cover on their own insurance it'll probably only be third party so you'll be the one who loses out if he dings or bins it.


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Sold mine recently, made buyer sort insurance before he could drive it - he had to take a passenger ride in it before deciding.