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Instrument Cluster Speaker Failure Repair via Cluster Repairs UK

g60jet Jul 31, 2013

  1. g60jet

    g60jet Member

    I just wanted to drop a quick post to tell everyone what great Service I had from Cluster Repairs Uk.

    A few months back the Buzzer that tells you that you have left your lights on, seat belt warning, speed warning etc failed. Now having basically relied on it since having my A4 I missed it when it didn't work. I even left my lights on a few times.

    Anyway, I also had an issue with the LCD starting to fade when the cluster was hot or the temp in the car was high after being sat in the sun.

    Having spoken to a few companies that repair clusters, they all pointed to Cluster Repairs Uk. As you know you can't drive the A4 with no cluster due to the immobiliser. So I removed mine and drove to Great Yarmouth in the A3 and got it done. Dropped it off late Monday and it was done by 10am Tuesday. ( we had a mini break in great yarmouth while we were there).

    They couldn't replicate the LCD fault, so they left that well alone, and the speaker was fixed. It's now back in the car and all working, now data was lost apart from the usual that you loose when you disconnect the battery. So a very happy bunny. £90+VAT.

    Cluster Repairs UK - The Instrument Cluster Repair Specialist

    Interestingly Audi Leicester Service Dept, never got back to me with a price.
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