Installing Coilovers - How hard is it?


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Jul 26, 2009
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My car has just failed it's MOT because of a broken rear spring.

I now have the choice of coilovers or shocks and springs.

I think I'm going to go with a set of eBay cheapy coilovers. What else should I replace at the same time or fit? R32 ARBs?

How difficult are they to fit, and is there a guide about like a lot of other things?

I'm going to do the R32 rear ARB mod as soon as my poly bushes arrive. I intend on installing coilovers in the near future. Sorry this post serves no help though...
rears easy takes about 20 mins.

fronts pretty easy. drivers side is the hardst one todo, takes a bit of work to do
Not sure how difficult it is with the quattros, but its pretty straight forward with the normal A3s. Will take all of half a day.
Thanks for the replies, have just ordered some FK AKs. £275 when I could've got them for £225, but they'll be here tomorrow and I need the car back on the road ASAP.

Hopefully it'll handle better than the stock suspension that's ruined!
might sound like a really silly question, feels silly typing it...

I fitted the FKs to the car few days ago, however I've noticed that when I first fitted them the rear o/s is slightly higher then the n/s. So I have been trying to change the height but for the life can't work out which way I need to be turning it.

I have unlocked the two rings so that the top one moves freely, then if I'm correct I need to then move the bottom one to compress or loosen the spring, however is it clockwise or anticlockwise to compress?
Turn the thread so the ring moves closer to the ground, and your car will follow.