Installed a tow bar and now it won't start...


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B7 A4 avant 2.0 tdi. 2005.

I installed a tow bar and electrics today and now I'm having troubles. I assume the two are related but not confirmed.

My issue is the car won't start.

Ignition powers up Air Con, stereo etc. The abs light comes on with ignition and then turns off (I think that's normal but can't remember.) once the glow plug light is off, I attempt to start the engine and the Abs light comes back on and nothing happens, no starter motor. Its like it's immobilised.

No dash other than warning lights. No Lcd screen.

My boot also won't open.

Interior lights don't come on when door is opened. But with the door open for a while as I checked all the fuses, the interior lights came on and off seemingly by themselves.

Remote central locking will not work.

I read somewhere it could be the battery. True?

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks


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Check &/or charge battery, then you'll know.


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Check &/or charge battery, then you'll know.
That's obviously top of the list tomorrow. I charged it this week so i doubt its low, cant rule out faulty batt until tomorrow though. I was looking for a deeper insight if anybody has any to offer.

Do all the symptoms fit a batt issue?
Could it be related to immob?
Could an abs sensor or brake light/switch issue stop the car starting? (also read this)


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Insufficient battery voltage can cause all sorts of random issues. Try disconnecting the battery or remove it while its on charge. Sometimes they just need time to sort themselves out after things have been messed with