Installed a SPH-DA230DAB that stays on with key out


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I thought it would be a simple plug and play using a CT24AU15 harness adaptor when I installed the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB head unit into my 2009 Audi A3 replacing the factory Audi Chorus unit but there was no wiring diagram to show where to hook up the red and orange lead into the back of the Quad block. I checked the car side of the block but can not find a 12v lead that goes off when the car is turned off and the only way to turn off the radio is to manually shut it down every time I park up. Already ran the battery down once not realizing the radio was on when pulling the key.

Anybody know an easy fix.

I have attached 3 pics showing the plugs I am checking and the diag on the Chorus I removed.

Any help would be appriciated... don't want to have to ferry the car to Aberdeen for a simple fix.


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I've seen this before on a lot of the adaptor plugs, there's a red and yellow wire which can be switched over. It's a common thing that the adaptor puts connectors into these wires so they can be swapped easily. It's basically the loom of the car is opposite to the adaptor loom, so the permanent and switched ignition 12v feeds are reversed, meaning the unit thinks the ignition is on permanently (that is, the permanent 12v from the car feeds the switch ignition feed into the unit constantly, so it thinks it's running).

Hope this solves your issue.