Inside tyre wear on -40mm lowered C5 A6


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I've just found after a few thousand miles of driving on my 1998 C5 A6 1.9TDi that i've got inside tyre wear on all my tyres.

Obviously it seems the camber is out of alignment on all wheels, is there any way to adjust this? i don't know of any way to mind.

It's been lowered 40mm on springs and shocks, and i'm running 20inch alloys on 225/35/20 rubber, which will soon need re-placing.

Anyone had any similar experinces, will tracking help?


Had the same problem on my rear tyres, but as a quattro the rear alignment is adjustable and once that was done by a specialist with laser controlled equipment it sorted it. I read an article on this problem in Audi Driver magazine whilst sitting at Awesome this week but can't remember which issue it was. I think that the problem was due to failing components within the suspension rather than just the alignment and if you are still on the OE gear then at nearly 10 years old it may be just worn out.