Injector number 3 help needed


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Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading and getting lots of useful info on here regarding my A4, b6 2.5tdi AKE.Quattro sport Avant. 2001.

I need to replace my master injector, I managed to buy one on EBay with my engine model code last week but have now realised it has the newer oval shaped plug.

Does anybody have an older style working one they are willing to sell?

I realise parts are getting rarer as time goes on, my car is 16 years old but I think it’s great and wouldn’t want to part with it.

Thanks in advance



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Sorry I forgot to add the actual part number:

If anyone has an master injector with this number from an 2.5tdi AKE engine with a square connecting plug please send me a PM.
Thank you


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I have just double checked my old/ new injectors and they have the same connections!
My mistake
I’ll get me coat