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Inherited a botched aftermarket stereo wiring

GarthA6 Feb 19, 2017

  1. GarthA6

    GarthA6 Registered User

    Just bought my 05 final edition. the previous owner had replaced the sat nav unit with a cheap JVC single din unit. So i went to replace it with my Sony one from my old car and the power and swithed live had been cut and twisted together with a wire off the aerial and it must of been stuffed into the block as it has come out and I can't seem to find where it could of gone. Any help would be great thanks.
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  3. 6833jon

    6833jon Registered User

    Are the said wires on the car or your Sony stereo? I know in my car, the can bus system meant that there was no switched live as such, just permanent lives. For my stereo to turn on and off with the ignition, I tapped into the heater controller for an ignition live. So your ignition live might be the cable you are missing

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